Descriptive Paragraph


Write a descriptive paragraph about an animal that you have seen.



The smell of the rain forest mist shattered Africa. A mysterious gorilla wandered around moving its large massive head with a bulging forehead and a crest at the top. Its thick black coarse hair surrounded him. His round, huge, brown eyes glistened with worry. He roared and growled loudly like a monster truck. His stocky, broad, bulky body moved through the trees. He groomed his crying infant like a vacuum cleaner. He stood up like a human, picking up its baby, moving in the darkness, and roared at the crystal, white moon echoing in the dark midnight sky.

 By: Alexis E.


Right as I sit down, I see this little ant.  His head is as small as a crumb, but wait his eyes are smaller.  He has three circles that are his body.  They are smaller than a shriveled up pea.  His body is one of those circles; the middle one as a matter of fact.  It is nothing but that little circle.  His skin is shiny like a bald persons head.  And he is brown.  I donít really think ants can make sounds.  If they do, it must be very, very soft. Most of the time they are in dirt squirming and wiggling and it looks funny, or they are crawling around in cement cracks.  I donít know how, but they can carry food with their arms.  Its weird, but sometimes an ant can look like a really small brown rock.  I donít know if you know, but ants live in colonies.

By: Brianna R.


As he runs, his gums flap up and down.   His ears flap and turn over.   He comes running over to you and wants to pick a fight just like a human boxer.  He barks at you and starts to run somewhere.   He comes over and is breathing so hard.   Next thing you know he is sleeping in the kitchen on the tile trying to cool off.   After he cools off, heíll want to go out and play some more. This is a Boxer.

By: Bridgette M.                                             


            On top of a tremendous building a watcher watches the ant size people below. This is a falcon. Its head a look out for itself. Its body a suit of armor ready to fight. Its feathers as gray as the steel of the building itís on. Its voice a siren song of screams warning all to fear it. Its wings as majestic as a mountain. Flying like an expert pilot and navigator; never getting lost. Coming down like a fierce rainstorm. The falcon has landed.     

By: Cameron W.


Bam! There goes a tree. Splash! It fell in the water. The beaver is building his dam. He drags it through the water with his gigantic razor blade teeth. The brownish beaver secures the log to the dam. Now heís approaching more trees. He waddles up the bank. Crunch! His clumsy feet step on dead leaves. WOW! He smacked the tree with his tail. Then he waddles back to his dam.

By: Drew A.


The creature of the night is the Murray. The Murrayís head is as alert as an owl with whiskers. Itís body as tense as a small tiger with a long, bushy tail. The Murrayís fur is flowing in the brisk wind as it hunts for its prey. The Murray is crouching and itís ready to pounce. I see the way it slowly and very quietly tiptoes closer and closer. And suddenly a rabbit takes off and the Murray is right behind it. The rabbit dashing like a horse, and the Murray charging like a bull. Five minutes later the Murray sits down to a fabulous feast.     

By: Gage L.

Bald Eagle

 In the glazing, hot sun the enormous bird sits up on the highest rock on the little mountain. With a pointed beak and a big feathery body, it moves its head back and forth to watch for any fish that make a sudden movement at the top of the water. It sees a fish and opens its big feathery wings. It jumps out of its nest. Then it comes down from the sky flying as fast as a bullet, you hear pshshshsh against the water and it snatches the fish right out of the water. It catches it with its big claws and brings it back to its nest. When the bird arrives back to its nest, its babies chirp for food. As the sun goes down, it slowly falls asleep with its younglings.

Itís a bald eagle.

By: Sutton C.

American Alligator

One breezy summer evening my friends and I were going for a hike. We were walking past a swamp and all of a sudden we saw an American Alligator. Itís scaly, bumpy body slithered out of the water. The Alligatorís sharp, pointy claws were scraping the dirt like a claw was digging up something. Its tail was swaying back and forth as it was slithering up behind an animal. Its big, brown, log colored eyes looked at the soon to be food in its stomach. The poor creature tried to run, but the American Alligator opened its wide mouth and swallowed it whole. The alligator moved back into the water knowing that its stomach was full.

By: Jolena B.    


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